Custom Fitted Sports Mouthguards in Waterdown.

Custom Fitted Sports Mouthguards in Waterdown

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At Waterdown Village Dentistry, we create custom mouthguards that provide the highest level of comfort and protection for your active lifestyle.

If your child participates in a sport that could cause trauma to their head, mouth and teeth, you should have them wear a proper mouth guard. A mouth guard fits over the upper teeth to protect the mouth from injury during sports. Mouth guards can prevent tooth fracture and loss, cheek and lip trauma, gum injuries, jaw fractures, and tongue trauma.

A customized mouthguard can provide your child’s mouth maximum protection as they participate in sports. Our Waterdown dentists will take an impression of your child’s teeth to fabricate his/her sports mouth guard. This is done with thin plastic that is molded and hardened over a mold of your child’s teeth. The thinness of our custom fitted sports mouthguards allows for easy breathing, communication, and a fit that stays in place. Your child can select a unique design for the guard.

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